I’m Sean Duncan, and I’m a researcher and teacher of games.

This fall, I am starting as an adjunct professor in the University of Virginia’s Department of Media Studies. Formerly, I was most recently an Assistant Professor in Indiana University‘s Learning Sciences program. My work productively straddles game studies, internet studies, and educational research. I study cultures of play and learning in digital and analog spaces. In educational research, studies of games, game design, and participation in online gaming communities have been shown to be critical sites of situated learning worthy of further study. But, of course, games are not primarily instructive — they are expressive media, balancing complex systems of rule sets and narratives, utilized for entertainment, artistic, political, and critical goals. I welcome and explore this tension, with the goal of documenting play with games and within extant gaming communities as complex sites of participation.

For more detail on my research, please visit the Research page; for more on my teaching, please visit my Courses page (which is woefully out of date and will be updated soon). My former research lab, housed at Indiana University’s Center for Research on Learning & Technology was the Playful Culture Lab, and I encourage you to check it out the now-defunct webpage if you’d like to hear more about past projects. I encourage you to download my vita (linked above) or get in touch via email at my first name, the letter c, then my last name at Google’s email service. If you’re interested in the lab’s work, I occasionally tweet about it at @playcult.